Working on purposely enigmatic subjects, I like to think that my paintings and drawings are a way to expand space: physical space, like open windows on different worlds, and mental space, inducing a calm and contemplative state and providing a better comprehension of what "human" means.    

My work is all about describing worlds without words. Two very different worlds, yet connected like in a multiverse, one without any map and one as clear as crystal. A primitive world, just in the making and not yet timed, and the complex world of myths, like a temple for the human mind. Their only connection is visual harmony, through shapes, lines and colors, a way to move easily from one world to the other.

My interest goes to the way people try to communicate with each other.  Their relationship to memory, ancestry and time.Their perception of identity. Feelings, primal or complex, and the way people need to exist through the eyes of others. Their uniqueness and vulnerability. And ultimately, this fear of the void that drives them.

In those two worlds, reality and illusion remain fluid and questionable. Nothing is certain but everyone has got the inner key to decipher the riddle.